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The Science of Sushi
Featuring Dr. Ole Mouritsen and Morihiro Onodera
April 23, 2014

To kick off our 2014 public lecture series, Dr. Ole Mouritsen joined Chef Morihiro Onodera to satisfy our craving for sushi-related science. The duo explained everything from sushi’s early history to the starchy science of sushi rice. Check out some of the shorter highlights from the lecture…

I didn’t know they liked to add science to sushi. AWESOME!!!

Anime characters that share my birthday

October 25, 1961 Choi Bounge (King of Fighters)
October 25, 1984 Chinami Watanabe (Gatekeepers 21)
October 25 Kaoru Shiina (To the North - White Illumination)
October 25 Zeo Gattlar (Baldios)
October 25 Seto Kaiba (Yu-Gi-Oh)
October 25 Keaton Yamada (voice actor) Albert Heinrich/004 (Cyborg 009), narration (Chibi Maruko-chan)
October 25, 1936 Masako Nozawa (voice actor) Son Gokuu, Son Gohan (Dragonball), Tetsurou Hoshino (Galaxy Express 999), Kitarou (Ge Ge Ge no Kitarou)

October 25 Imai Hotaru [Gakuen Alice]
October 25 Gattlar Zeo [Baldios]
October 25 Lamperouge Nunnally [Code Geass]
October 25 Lamperouge Rolo [Code Geass R2]
October 25 Madarame Harunobu [Genshiken]
October 25 Miyuki Takara from Lucky Star

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